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Jinxiang Yu Cable Group Co., Ltd. is a Shenzhen City engaged in high and low voltage distribution equipment and wire and cable production of combo-owned enterprises. The company is located in the convenient transportation, beautiful environment, economically developed Shenzhen Baoan Songgang, the products are widely used in electric power, transportation, new energy, petroleum and petrochemical, national defense, urban construction, selling South China, North China, East China and other regions and Africa, the Middle East Country, by the majority of users trust.

Jinxiang Yu Cable Group Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of wire and cable, mechanical control cables, screen cables, security smart number of control cable, home improvement environmental protection and high and low voltage distribution, busway, and other large companies. The company has the professional high, intermediate technical personnel, the most advanced production equipment and years of wire and cable and high and low voltage distribution equipment manufacturing experience, committed to the wire and cable and high and low voltage power distribution equipment R & D and production, and access to a number of national patents The The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification, OHSMS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification365bet怎么上365bet首页, wire and cable products have been national compulsory product certification (3C), and the national industrial production permit. Products in strict accordance with international standards, national standards and ministerial standards of production. All kinds of products by the Pacific Insurance Company underwriting, but also access to China's well-known brands and China's electrical and cable industry's most influential top ten brands, government procurement focus on recommended products, the national quality, credit, service AAA-class enterprises honorary title.

"Unity, innovation, pragmatic and efficient to create first-class products is our relentless pursuit of the majority of users to provide high-quality, safe and reliable," the company is committed to the development of high-quality, Of the products and technical advice is our eternal purpose; we will continue to go beyond the interests of users as the center, to provide better products and services.

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